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Hunting knife

Custom handmade j2 steel hunting knives

Custom handmade j2 steel hunting knives

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Custom handmade j2 steel hunting knives

When describing a hunting knife for a shop, it's important to include key details that inform customers about the knife's features, materials, and intended use. Here is a structured format you can use:

### Product Name
**Example:** ProHunter Xtreme Fixed Blade Knife

### Description
Crafted for the discerning outdoorsman, the ProHunter Xtreme is the ultimate tool for hunting and survival. This robust knife combines superior materials with expert craftsmanship to deliver unparalleled performance in the field.

### Key Features
- **Blade Material:** High-carbon stainless steel (e.g., 440C, AUS-8)
- **Blade Length:** 5 inches
- **Blade Type:** Drop point
- **Handle Material:** G10 composite with textured grip for secure handling
- **Overall Length:** 10 inches
- **Blade Finish:** Satin or matte
- **Tang:** Full tang construction for strength and durability
- **Sheath:** Premium leather sheath with belt loop

### Additional Details
- **Weight:** 8 oz
- **Edge Type:** Plain edge for precise cuts
- **Hardness:** Rockwell hardness of 58-60 HRC
- **Handle Color:** Black or camouflage options
- **Warranty:** Lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects

### Benefits
- **Versatility:** Ideal for skinning, cutting, and general outdoor tasks
- **Durability:** Resistant to corrosion and wear, ensuring a long lifespan
- **Ergonomic Design:** Comfortable to hold and use for extended periods
- **Safety:** Secure grip handle minimizes the risk of slipping

### Package Includes
- ProHunter Xtreme Fixed Blade Knife
- Leather sheath
- Warranty card
- Instruction manual

### Price
**Example:** $130

### Customer Reviews
- **John D.:** "This knife is fantastic! It's sharp, durable, and perfect for my hunting trips."
- **Sarah P.:** "Great value for money. The handle provides an excellent grip even in wet conditions."

### How to Purchase
Visit our store or order online at [Shop URL]. For inquiries, contact us at [Contact Information].

This detailed format ensures customers have all the information they need to make an informed purchase decision.

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